Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The eye of the beholder

Like it or not, people are visual creatures. They use other people's appearance and celebrity images as a basis of comparison to themselves. It's basic human behavior.

I just want to remind you that presentation of celebrities on TV and in magazines is a great deal of visual trickery and should not be used as your standard of beauty. This recently published image of Ellen Degeneres in The Daily Mail shows why.
There is no intent here to denigrate Ellen. I happen to be a big fan of her comedy work. She is 55 and happens to looks 55 without her makeup. There is not a damned thing wrong with being 55 and looking 55. I'll be there soon enough myself. I just don't want people to feel bad if, when they wake up in the morning, they don't pop out of bed looking like a super model. The truth is super models DON'T EITHER!
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Amanda Garrett said...

Pardon me but I happen to roll out looking amazing.

Linda said...

Not everyone is part pixie like you :D