Monday, November 5, 2007

The Kitties Weigh-In

I weighed the girls again today. Xena has hit a stall, staying at 14 pounds for the second week in a row. Cookie has lost again and is down to 8 pounds. Looks like Xena is a lot like me...very resistant to weight loss. I know how she feels and not losing is very frustrating.

Unlike me, though, she isn't bitching to her girlfriends about being stuck, nor do I have to listen to her whine about her old fur not fitting, but not wanting to buy new fur until she hits goal. Xena also doesn't have to wonder if her artificial sweetner use is stalling her, or maybe she is eating too much dairy.

I have a few more variables to worry about than my furry little friend, but I am possitive that all of us are on the right path. We'll see how we are all doing next week, and maybe I will have to make some adjustments. If Xena doesn't start losing more, I will make some adjustments for her too. Most likely trying a different brand of low-carb dry food. Things might be easier for me if I only had 2 kinds of food to choose from. It would be especially easy if I could get someone to come to the house and serve it to me every day and refill my water jug while they are at it.

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