Saturday, October 13, 2007

Low Carb Dogs?

I got an email from my sister-in-law after she read the blog posts about my cats. It turns out her dog is overweight too. According to the vet, 20 pounds!

I did a little digging and found a few low carb dry dog food brands that she might like to try (below). If anyone has any experience with these brands or a low carb diet for their dogs, please leave a comment. I still need to see if there are some commercial canned foods that are readily available. Next time I go to Wally World I will bring my electron microscope so I can check the ingredient lists.

If sister-in-law decides to go ahead and put her puppy on low carb, I will post pictures and progress when they become available.

NOTE: Some of these links will lead you to the manufacturer's search results. Not all products by the same manufacturer are low carb. Read the descriptions carefully!

Barking at the Moon Brand

Low carb pets foods can be quite expensive, and if your budget demands you only buy what you can get at the local mega store, there is still something you can do. Get your pets a dry food that lists some form of MEAT as the first ingredient. The "one can of good low carb wet food in the morning with ok crunchies available the rest of the day" method has worked well for the cats. Sure, I am upping things a notch now, but you have to start somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

Really - I can't understand why you insist on buying ready-made food. What's wrong with going to the local butcher and ask him for leftover meat, that he or she can't sell to people any more? They are usually very willing to let you have the stuff quite cheaply