Monday, July 30, 2007

Meet Wifezilla

I am a tad stubborn...or so I am told. I like to do things my way. Since childhood I have been a rebel without a clue.

Maybe there is something wrong with my brain. I am left handed after all. Maybe there are some other crossed wires. More than one person has asked me if I have ever been diagnosed with ADHD. No doubt, if I was a kid in grade school today, my mother would be getting notes from my teachers touting the wonders of Ritalin. I even have a friend who is autistic and has dissociative identity disorder. It is her verdict I am not as normal as I might like to think. If anyone knows crazy, it's her!

So knowing I am a bit different, it shouldn't surprise anyone that when it came time to lose weight, I would take a path that others would call insane. I am on a high-fat, low carb diet. I started in May doing a general low carb diet after reading The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet. Previously I had read The Rosedale Diet. Both had some good points, but neither option seamed to totally "click" with me.

Despite that, I knew I had to lose the weight somehow. At 6' tall I was 280 lbs and wearing sized 22 clothes. Heart disease and diabetes were in my future, as it had been for many family members. I had two uncles die of heart disease in their 40's and I was going to be 40 soon. I had to wake up.

Restricted calories is something I had tried before with disastrous results. Like many others who followed this path, I was all gung-ho, lost a little weight, and then eventually cracked...binging on Little Debbie's Swiss Rolls, Hagendaas Ice Cream or big bags of Doritos. Restriction and deprivation just made me think about food constantly, obsess about what I was missing, gave me headaches and an upset stomach. Then, after a pathetically small weight loss, I would gain back all the dropped weight, then proceed to gain more.

I even tried supplements, diet pills, diet shakes and other expensive products. One even worked a little bit. I had managed to go from 280 down to 240 using chitosan fiber pills. Of course I was constipated the whole time, but hey...the weight was coming off! Then suddenly it stopped working. As disappointing as that was, I had still managed to lose 40 pounds and had a bit more energy. I had just turned 40 along with my friend Jo. She wanted to do something wild to celebrate turning 40 and talked me in to taking a belly dance class. It was fun, I liked the exercise, and have been going ever since. This began my exercise phase.

Next... Working out and not losing

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