Friday, December 14, 2007

I Love Jennifer Love Hewitt

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt (more), best known as the star of "Ghost Whisperer" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer" has grabbed headlines lately. No, she isn't going to rehab, she didn't dangle a kid off a balcony, she wasn't arrested for drugs or a dui, nor did she shoot someone in a nightclub. She, apparently, committed the unforgivable sin of turning in to a woman.
Photo 1. Photo 2.

Once a skinny little waif, she was recently photographed in a bikini, then gossip blogs and columns decided she was fat. At a size 2. True, she no longer looks like your typical teenage starlet, but she is no longer a teenager. She is a 28 year-old WOMAN. W-O-M-A-N. Women have curves. They have thighs bigger than a broom stick handle and they have a soft, slightly rounded stomaches. They do NOT look like adolescent boys with water balloons stuffed under their shirts. And they do not have perfectly smooth skin unless they were genetically blessed or paid a lot of money to look like they were. You seriously have to wonder about people who's ideal woman looks like a sexualized child or an unfortunate famine victim.

According to IMDB, she is 5' 2½". With her clothing size and height, that makes her the same size as my friend Jo. Jo and I often shop together and we both have trouble finding clothes, but for very different reasons. Me because I am so freaking tall, and her because clothing designers think that if you are a size 2 petite, you don't have curves. While the length may be right, and the waist may fit, nothing seems to fit her womanly thighs or feminine hips. She isn't "fat" either. She is fit, toned, and has a physically demanding job. Having seen her in a swim suit, she has little bumps, wrinkles and flaws too. She is NORMAL. From the photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt posted on the web, she looks normal too. Maybe her suit did not fit her curves very well, but the girl is not fat.

I think people are so used to retouched photos they honestly have no idea what a real woman looks like anymore. These unrealistic ideals are a good indication that more people need to stop basing their lives on fashion magazine. Or maybe they need to put down the Playboys and come out of their parent's basement for a change of pace.

Unlike some, Jennifer did not check herself in to an expensive spa or begin some crazy starvation diet after receiving these unflattering comments. She fought back.

She posted on her website, "A size 2 is not fat! Nor will it ever be. And being a size 0 doesn't make you beautiful."

She goes on to say, "To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini -- put it on and stay strong."

Sounds good to me. As for my involvement in this, I don't know Jennifer Love Hewitt from a ham sandwich and Ghost Whisperer is a stupid show. But I did think she was damn funny in the movie "Heartbreakers". She is also cute as a button. Now I can add spunky to the list. I am liking her more everyday.

Instead of listening to idiots who can't tell the difference between real life and fantasy, I will listen to the new song by Mary J. Blige and send positive vibes to Jennifer next time I get down on myself for being a size 16.

"Let em get mad
They gonna hate anyway
Don't you get that?
Doesn't matter if you're going on with their plan
They'll never be happy
Cause they're not happy with themselves

Na na work what you got"

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Willie said...

Gotta say, I completely agree with you. TMZ/s snarky remarks just reflect the notion that Paris Hilton's emaciated body is the "ideal." IMHO nothing about Hilton is ideal, but that's another story. JLH is stunningly beautiful AND she looks like a woman. After her dignified and self-confident response to the media, I'm a real fan.