Sunday, December 2, 2007

By the Numbers

After my initial quick weight loss, I have been stalling. Sure it is frustrating, but there is something that helps me keep things in perspective and stick to a low carb way of measurements. I was actually smart enough to write them down when I first decided that low carb eating might be the way for me (I have my moments). Even now, with no recent weight loss showing up on the scales, my body is changing for the better and I am losing inches.

I have posted my randomly taken measurements so you can see for yourself how a low carb eating plan can be of benefit. Keep in mind I am a 6' tall giant amazon. Your measurements will vary. The actually numbers aren't what matters so much, but the nice downward trend. :D

Dana Carpender's Carb Gram Counter: Usable Carbs, Protein, and Calories - Plus Tips on Eating Low-Carb

1 comment:

PJ said...

Great job on reducing! I loved that your bust went UP while your hips went DOWN. Isn't that the ideal! LOL!