Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Cat Food Alternative

By happy accident I found another wet cat food without grains and fillers. I was at Safeway and remembered we were out of Fancy Feast, so I headed to the cat food isle. They wanted 60¢ a can for the girl's usual stuff. When I get it at Walmart it is only 44¢/can...even cheaper if I buy the 12 pack. As I was complaining about the price to my girlfriend, she picked up a can of Priority Total Pet Care and said "this is on sale."

We both looked at the label and I was shocked to see it contained no wheat, corn, rice or other starches. It is the Safeway store brand and was only 30¢/can on sale. Even better, the cans are almost twice the size of the Fancy Feast brand. Like Fancy Feast, not all flavors are grain free. You have to get out a magnifying glass (or bring your electron microscope) and carefully read over the ingredients. One "safe" flavor was Beef Dinner. There were two others, but silly me forgot to write them down.

I will see tomorrow morning if this will pass the kitty taste test.

As for the girls, no additional loss this week. Looks like Xena is stuck in a stall. I will be heading over to PetsMart later today to try a different brand of low carb cat food. Maybe that will help her to start losing again.

As for me, I am at 215 after some fluctuation. I have been upping my exercise a bit, and that seems to make me gain (unfortunately). By upping my fat percentage and lowering calories a bit I was able to get rid of my temporary gain. I will keep on keeping on and see how it goes.

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