Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Poppin' tags...

Thrift stores are your friend when you are embarking on a low carb lifestyle. With rapid weight loss, body composition changes and downward-moving measurements, clothes become too big too fast to buy new. Save yourself a lot of money and head down to your local thrift shop.

In my area, Goodwill has a great selection, reasonable prices and daily sales. Other good thrift stores include the ARC and the Salvation Army. If your town lacks good thrift stores, consignments shops can also be a good bet. Keep in mind that the less money you spend on clothes, the more money you have for steak and coconut oil.

(Yeah, that's me. 210 lbs and shrinking.)

This entire outfit, including shoes, was less than $14.00. So you can really go poppin' tags with only $20 in your pocket!

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