Saturday, January 5, 2013

Healthy snacks?

I just checked this list of "100 Healthy Snacks" recommended by the Ohio State Diabetes Research Center.

About half of them would send my blood sugar through the roof. Raisins? Goldfish Crackers? Triscuts? Graham Crackers? Lime SHERBERT? These high-carb, high-sugar snacks are not a healthy option for anyone let alone a diabetic. They are junk food. Sure, some junk food now and then wont kill you, but if you are eating these foods because you think they are "healthy" and ALSO doing occasional junk food indulgences, you have a great formula for out of control blood sugar and weight gain. So, is Ohio State using a definition of "healthy" I am not familiar with?

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Joley H. said...

That is TRULY scary. Thanks for sharing that. It's so confusing when 'experts' tell us those things are okay...