Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Coupon Alert!

Heads up coupon clippers! On www.coupons.com there are coupons on Nevella liquid sweetener, Hormel canned chicken, Atkins meals, Planters peanut butter, and Johnsonville Sausage. Usually coupons are just for junk, but there are actually low carb and paleo-friendly offers this week. I also noticed coupons for Oscar Myer Pulled Pork, Diet Pepsi and Pepperoni were on the list.

While I love to cook from scratch and think that is the healthiest, let's be honest. Life gets hectic. If you have some low carb/paleo packed food on hand it can keep you from diving in to a bag of potato chips from the 7-11. Visit www.coupons.com here.

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