Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Soon everyone will be fat

A government-funded study is reporting that in 40 years all U.S. adults could be overweight. It's not that hard to believe either considering 2/3rds of the population is already considered obese.

From Reuter's... "some groups of U.S. adults have extremely high rates of overweight and obesity; among African- American women, for instance, 78 percent are currently overweight or obese.

The new projections, published in the journal Obesity, are based on government survey data collected between the 1970s and 2004.

If the trends of those years continue, the researchers estimate that 86 percent of American adults will be overweight by 2030, with an obesity rate of 51 percent. By 2048, all U.S. adults could be at least mildly overweight."
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While the story does admit that this prediction is based on the big assumption that the trend will continue, as long as health officials recommend eating plenty of carbohydrates and reducing saturated fat intake, I see no reason to believe it wont.

The only thing that will reverse American fattening is an admission that the official diet advice handed out over the last 30 years has been complete crap. Since those giving advice have multi-million dollar revenue streams dependent on people eating lots of carbs and contracting long-term health issues requiring loads of prescription medicines, I wont be holding my breath waiting for the retraction.

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