Monday, March 10, 2008

Magic Pants

To guys, pants are a piece of clothing that keeps delicate things warm and protected while providing convenient pockets to hold wallets, scraps of random paper and loose change. To a woman, what starts as a simple piece of cloth and some thread goes through a transformation that turns them in to something powerful and unique. Something magical.

A woman can try on hundreds of pairs of pants trying to find just the right one. It's more than just finding the right waist size and length. It's finding that pair that makes your butt look good, makes your calves look shapely and hides that mommy roll right below your belly button. A pair of pants like that can lift your mood, put a smile on your face and make you feel like a million dollars. The magical perfect pair can boost your confidence and put a spring in your step and, if a woman doesn't have a pair, she actively searches for one every time she gets anywhere near a mall.

My pair of magic pants comes in the form of a cute pair a denim capris. I got them at a thrift store 2 years ago. I bought them because they were the right size, but I did not try them on. At $3.75 I wasn't too worried if they didn't fit. Turns out they didn't at the time. I could barely pull them up and there was no way in hell I could button them or pull up the zipper without doing serious damage to myself. Since they were cute and I was hopeful that someday I would lose weight, I put them in the back of a dresser drawer and there they sat until last Summer. 

During a clothing clean-out (I had lost weight after starting low carb), I found them again. I tried them on and this time I could get them up AND button them. They were still tight, but compared to last year, I could see improvement. I even braved wearing them for one day in August, though they did make me a bit uncomfortable. As it got cooler, I tucked them away again and didn't find them again until today.

I am tired of the cold weather and decided that even though it was going to be cool today, I was also tired of wearing long pants. I wanted to wear my cute capris. I cautiously slid them on and was totally surprised that, not only could I button them, but I could zip them up and they were a little loose in the waist. There was even room in the seat! I instantly felt euphoria and began dancing around the bedroom. I even braved the scale and I was down 2 lbs over the past 2 weeks. More dancing ensued. My husband gave me "the look" as I tried to explain to him the wonders of a woman's pair of magical pants. Then he pulled on his boring, non-magical guy jeans and immediately stuffed the pockets with loose change and random bits of note paper.

The magic of the pants has stayed with my throughout the day. I have checked myself in the mirror several times....which is something I normally don't do. I have stayed cheerful despite the fact that it is gloomy outside AGAIN and the size of the stack of work on my desk has doubled. There is also a pile of laundry and a small mountain of dishes waiting for me at home. But who cares? My butt looks good today. It is amazing what some fabric, arranged in the proper configuration, can do for a woman.


Barbara B said...

Wonderfully expressed and so true! I have a pair of magic pants that I bought and could also not get them up past my hips. They are woolen and fully lined. They sat in my closet for 2 years, unworn. Last winter, I finally wore them and they fit beautifully and were so warm. Alas, I only got a season out of them. They are much too big now. ;-) Gotta find me another pair of magic pants.

Wifezilla said...

Yes Barbara, magic is fleeting, isn't it? My magical capris are starting to get baggy in the butt. The hunt begins again for me too :D

Tracy said...

SO true! My magic pants actually belonged to my sister. The day I could slide her pants on over my hips and do them up - and they were a bit baggy - was total magic!