Sunday, March 4, 2012

Low Carb vs ADA Diet for Diabetics

This statement was recently posted in a low carb group on Facebook. It is a valuable lesson for those who are following the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association.

"I started low carb last year, with a so-so okay from my doctor. After I'd been low carbing for a month he asked me to go back to the diabetic diet recommendations for 3 days. I was prediabetic, and he wanted to see what my bg [Blood Glucose] tests showed under both diets (I emailed his office my test results weekly). He was shocked at the differences and at how quickly my bg went unstable on the standard diabetic diet. *I* was in pain within 24 hours (belly pain) and could not wait to go back to low carbing - which is how I discovered that I'd become wheat intolerant. When I saw him a couple months later I got his hearty blessing to stay on low carb. In 4 months my blood tests had improved hugely. And last month he declared that I was no longer pre-diabetic." - Patricia S.

First of all, I would like to applaud Patricia's doctor for having such an open mind. Many doctors would just be towing the line, telling their patients to cut fat, reduce calories and eat plenty of "healthy whole grains". Some doctors would have just fired her as a patient. This doctor did an actual experiment (with a willing test subject), collected comparative data and followed the facts...not the latest marketing material from a drug company while prescribing a bunch of pills.

And second, congratulations to Patricia for coming up with a way to treat her condition and enlightening a medical professional at the same time. Thanks for sharing your story with others. Your example shows how taking your health in to your own hands and not just blindly following authorities can save your life.

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