Monday, February 20, 2012

Fructose study finds fructose isn't a problem

At a time when research is beginning to show long term damage from a diet high in fructose, there is now a study that claims fructose isn't really a problem after all.

"After reviewing more than 40 published studies on the matter, researchers from St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto found that fructose — a sweetener liberally added to soft drinks and processed foods — had no effect on weight compared with diets that provided the same calories from other carbohydrates."

Oh really? It isn't the fructose? I could post the study showing fructose is uniquely fattening or that ingesting high levels of fructose causes all kinds of damage aside from weight gain, but I think this line at the end of the article says more about the real story.

"The Canadian Institutes of Health Research funded the study. The researchers have received unrestricted grants from the Coca-Cola Company to fund other research."

Huh. An agency that receives funding from Coca-Cola found that the main ingredient in Coca-Cola isn't harmful? Wow. Color me surprised!

Being from Colorado, I am making a Southpark-style official declaration of Shenanigans. Now where did I leave my broom....

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