Thursday, January 26, 2012

Low carbing on vacation

There is nothing like spending a long weekend with 4 sugar-junkies to test a person's low carb resolve. On a recent trip to Dillon, CO with members of my book club, carbs where everywhere. Fortunately I had packed a small cooler with low carb foods and was
able to avoid temptation. Instead of Skier's French Toast, I had turkey slices with cheddar, boiled quail eggs and some fresh veggies. Instead of bagels, I had a steak, turkey and pepper stir fry.

Of course, these were meals we cooked at the condo we rented. Eating out was a little more challenging. I was able to find a few goodies without going carb crazy or being too much of a pain to the restaurant staff.

Instead of a plate of giant blue berry pancakes or waffles topped with sugary syrup and whipped cream, I had a very delicious homemade green chili with pork. At one of our lunches, hot wings with veggies sticks was the perfect alternative to pasta dishes.

Now you may be getting the impression that I was some kind of low carb saint on this trip. I wasn't. I had wine, a delicious wheat beer at the Dam Brewery and even had an ice cream cone while walking through Frisco. But since I was able to make overall good meal choices, these vacation treats didn't lead to binging, massive weight gain or loads of guilt.

Low carbing in a carby world is difficult, but it isn't impossible. With a little planning, your vacations don't have to be a dietary nightmare.

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