Monday, January 5, 2009

How fresh is your food?

Since going low carb, a lot of the food I eat is fresh, local and requires little (if any) processing. As part of my movement to fresh foods, over the years my visits to farmer's markets has increased, I have planted my own herbs, I have some fruit trees and even my own grape vines. Last year I got together with some friends and we started our own community garden. It is only natural that I have taken the next step.

What is the next step? I purchased ducks so I can start getting my own fresh eggs. Sure, I could have gone with chickens, but my uncle raised ducks and geese, and I was just more familiar with them. The back yard poultry movement isn't something I expected to be a part of, yet here I am. I even found a great forum with very knowledgeable people to pester with lots of questions.

I have taken the plunge and adopted some adult birds. Once the days get longer the females should start laying and I will have my own fresh, delicious eggs from my new family members. Here is the flock...

The drake (Khaki Campbell light brown duck with dark green head) is named Jack. The Dark Khaki Campbell female is Janet. The Fawn Indian Runner is Chrissy, and the Buff duck is Lana. Chrissy and Janet should lay about an egg a day once they get started. Lana is a seasonal layer and will only lay Spring through Fall. She can still produce over 200 eggs a year. Three egg producing ducks might just be enough to keep up with my families consumption.

My latest Examiner post tells the story of another low carber that has taken the plunge in to poultry ownership. Stop by and check it out....
Fresh Food Takes a New Turn


whatjelly said...

wow, ducks huh?
I know they are bigger than a chicken egg, but do they have a similar flavor?
Do tell!

Wifezilla said...

I don't know yet....I am waiting for them to start laying :D It could be a few weeks yet. It's been cloudy and cold in my area.

Rumor has it ducks eggs are slightly larger and have a richer flavor.

Abifae said...

sounds great!

i can't wait to sample eggs from your new family ;)

autumnstar said...

I'm a little late on the discussion but - your ducks are *beautiful*! I am a jealous apartment-dweller who misses fresh duck eggs. yep - they are richer, slightly larger, and have a slightly different texture than chicken eggs