Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Free Zevia Sample

More than one of my blog posts contains the phrase "check it out yourself". When it comes to products I review and recommend, I say the same thing. No reason to just take my word for it. After all, I am just some ADD infested weirdo on a website with an advanced case of sarcasmitis. What do I know anyway?

After my recent review of Zevia soda, I ran in to one of the founders of the Zevia company on an online forum. He has generously offered a free sample for readers of my blog so they can check it out themselves and not have to rely on the ravings of a 6' tall red-headed reptile. Here is his message and instructions on how to get your sample...


I am Ian one of the founders of Zevia.


I did and I feel great! Zevia is all natural and has no artificial ANYTHING!

For a limited time I will give out free samples od Zevia to readers of Wifezilla's blog.

If you like it just promise to print out our GET YOUR ZEVIA form (available at )and take it to your local retailer.

You can email me at ian at zevia dot com."

Thank Ian for making this offer. I am sure my highly-intelligent, good-looking, and discriminating readers will be glad to try your product and get back to you with their well thought out opinions.


Kat said...

Well, that is great except I ordered a sample six pack after reading the post and already have it!

PJ said...

I would love to! I just seriously doubt my 'retailers' in nowhere Oklahoma are stocking Zevia... :-(

Patty said...

I ordered my sample and recently received a 6 pack. My 3 daughters and I all tried it. One of my daughters only drinks regular soda and she didn't care for it. My other 2 daughters and myself drink diet and we all enjoyed it. It was not too sweet and was very refreshing!

Anonymous said...


We need to work on your retailers in Oklahoma! Feel free to email me the stores where you shop and we will work on them as well. ian at zevia dot com. You can also print out our GET YOUR ZEVIA form and take it to them.
Stores are very responsive to consumer requests.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE Zevia sodas - especially the Ginger Root Beer. I was a Dr. Pepper addict for a LONG time and am trying to get off of the sugar - do not want to get onto aspartame - and have read a lot about stevia being a safe/natural sweetener. Yes - it has a different taste than the average cola - but I LOVE the taste. Now, I just need to get some people in SouthWest Virginia to carry the stuff! The weigh station ( recommends this soda instead of anything I need to get my hands on some more!

Anonymous said...

I meant to say - oops, sorry!

Anonymous said...

Is the free Zevia offer still valid? I would like to try the product. Thanks

dyerjuano said...

I never try this product. But it's sound like yummy with health.I'm gonna go order right now!
free samples

Free Samples said...

Great stuff! I love getting free samples by mail. Always on the lookout for more freebies.

Mike said...

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