Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wifezilla's Instant Blueberry Ice Cream

Who doesn't love ice cream? With all the sugar in regular ice cream, I have had to avoid it. I did try some no-sugar-added ice creams, but they contain sugar alcohols. Not only did they not taste good, I got a stomach ache for my troubles. I tried making ice cream in my ice cream maker, but it was a mess, took forever, and cost me more in ice and rock salt than the resulting goo was worth.

Luckily, I did some experimenting with my food processor the other day. The result is a recipe so fast and easy, I could kick myself for not coming up with it sooner. It literally takes less than 1 minute to put everything together and have creamy, tasty low carb ice cream read to eat. In fact, I have an electric ice cream maker if anyone wants it. I wont be needing it anymore!!!

Wifezilla's Instant Blueberry Ice Cream
(Makes 2 servings)


1 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tbsp Da Vinci sugar-free simple syrup

Substitution options: You can use packets of Splenda or Equal if you don't have any Da Vinci syrup. Try 2 of each (mixing sweeteners tends to lower aftertaste). You can also use frozen strawberries, but they must be cut in to smaller pieces. Whole frozen strawberries are too big and hard to mix/cut properly. You can partially thaw them and slice, but they must be mostly frozen for this method to work. You can also dice fresh fruit and freeze it. Just keep the chunks about blueberry-sized and it will work great.

Directions: Place ingredients in a food processor with a chopping blade (mine is an old Black & Decker ShortCut). Pulse for a few seconds until heavy cream & blueberries turn in to nice, creamy, soft serve looking mix (you can also use a blender, but you have to mix & pulse repeatedly to get it evenly whipped). You can set it a bit more by placing in the freezer, but honestly, it seldom makes it that far. Hubby and I just take the food processor container and grab a couple of spoons (fewer dishes to wash!).

Yummmmmm....Low Carby Blueberry Goodness! Drooollll!

I am not sure what the texture would be like if you froze it overnight, but I do have some in the freezer right now. I will check it after work and see if it is still edible or if it turns in to a rock.

Here are the approximate carb and calorie counts. I list this recipe as making two servings, since hubby and I share a batch and it is very satisfying. This is not something you want to eat if you are on Atkins induction unless it keeps you from diving in to a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Other phases of Atkins, Barry Groves plan, or maintenance phases should have no trouble with this if you keep track of your total carbs for the day.

Per Serving...
Calories: 243
Fat: 23g
Total Carbs: 12
Fiber: 2
Net Carbs: 10

Enjoy everyone!

UPDATE: I froze some for about 6 hours and it did get kind of hard, but it also seemed to get "dusty" and crumbly. Yuck.  I recommend only making what you immediately need.


Anonymous said...

Nommie, nommie, nommie..:)

Those of you who have a Magic Bullet will find this works great in that, too..

Thanks, Zilla.


Wifezilla said...

Magic Bullets are on sale right now at some of the grocery stores...50% off. I saw a set last night at King Soopers.

kgc said...

Hey, you stole my recipe! I've been doing this for years for my kids, except I often use mixed berries rather than just blueberries. I happened upon it by mistake when I was trying to make "Paleolithic Punch" (a Protein Power recipe). I call it "Daddy's Best Very-Berry Ice Cream".

Wifezilla said...

So where were you when I was struggling with that stupid ice cream maker? LOL (Got any other recipes worth stealing???)

anyway... said...

I made this with raspberries and coconut milk to make it dairy free... ooh! It was SO good! It's the first time I ever had dairy free ice cream I didn't gag over :P hahha

catalina said...
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SwampCatNana said...

I have a ninja and use it everyday to make ice cream. I do it the same way as you do. I also put in a scoop of Protein Powder. That way it is my breakfast or dinner!
I found I like strawberries best.

Vicki said...

What does the lemon juice do?

SwampCatNana said...

I've always felt it brings out the flavor of the fruit. Cuts the sweetness and brightens the fruit flavor.

Linda said...

Exactly Swampcat. That little bit of acidity really does bring out the fruit flavor.

House Sparrow said...

I've made something like this using frozen blackberries and yogurt instead of all or some of the cream. I use sucanat for sweetener very sparingly and sometimes add vanilla.